$1 Ways to Show Love

Whoever said showing love had to cost a fortune? When it comes to showing love, creativity and attention to details count BIG. I have come across various $1 products you could use to make a special someone feel special. These are great ideas if you are on a budget or just want to give a large quantity of gifts to someone.

My shrimp and grits.

My shrimp and grits.

I purchased this $1 heart shaped bowl from Target. Serve their favorite one dish meal in this bowl for a great wow factor. Make an impression at breakfast by placing their oatmeal or cold cereal in this bowl. It instantly says, “I love you.”





redhot mintsCute heart shaped candy filled glass bowls with clever hand written notes make big impact on a bedside table or an office desktop. These candy dishes were purchased at Dollar Tree. They sell a variety of candy that will give an even more sweet appeal.





mailboxWho doesn’t want a good love letter? This $1 mini mailbox from Target makes it easy to present it nicely. Write a heartfelt handwritten love letter and put it in the mailbox. Place the mailbox near your tray of incoming home mail and raise the flag to signify that there is sweet news inside for someone special.  Feel free to personalize the mailbox with stickers, handwriting, etc.




berry glassHere is a “berry” healthy way to show your love for a health conscious loved one. Fill a plastic glass from Dollar Tree with a variety of berries. Decorate it with a ribbon and a tag that says, “I love you berry much.”





doiliesThese $1 packs of intricate cut heart doilies can be hung from the ceiling using fish wire and transparent tape to give the illusion of floating hearts in a room. Hang them at varying heights for an easy and inexpensive visual display of your love.





icecubesLove can be revealed in the small thoughtful details like these heart shaped ice cubes. Fill the $1 silicon ice cube tray from Target with water and place the frozen cubes in this $1 bowl from Dollar Tree. What an easy way to upgrade your beverages.





rosepetalsRose petals loosely placed on the floor, in a bubble bath filled tub, or inside this $1 glass candle holder from Dollar Tree just exudes romance. Place a floating candle in the water filled candle holder to add ambience to the room. Use a cluster of these candle holders to give the room an extra boost of ambience. Oh yeah, the rose petals come in a pack of 100 at Dollar Tree. What a steal of a deal!




photoLong stem wine glasses are perfect for displaying desserts, especially desserts with visual interest throughout like a trifle. Make a strawberry sweetheart trifle with pink whipped cream for a sweet touch! The long stem wine glasses were another fabulous find from Dollar Tree.




These are just a few ideas I came up with to inspire you. I just wanted to prove how creative you can be regardless of your budget. What other low cost, high impact ideas have you come up with? Please share. I love to hear your thoughts and feedback.



SuperMom Decoded Tip- Displaying your love for someone does not have to cost a fortune. Use your creativity to show someone you care!