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Panko Breaded Swai

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Panko Breaded Swai

Easy Panko Crusted Swai

I love fish, so I am always in search of a new fish to try out in my kitchen. Recently, I noticed a fish called SWAI being offered in my local grocery store. I finally bought some to try out. It is a … [Read More...]


Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Shake

There is no flavor combination better than peanut butter and chocolate in my book. God bless the person who decided to marry those flavors together. And God bless the person that created the sweet … [Read More...]


Order New Cookbook Here

*****NOTE: THIS COOKBOOK IS ON BACKORDER UNTIL EARLY MARCH. IF YOU ORDER IT, IT WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL MARCH******   Need to get in and out of the kitchen FAST? Tired of eating the same … [Read More...]

Thank You

Thank you for your purchase. Please allow 5-7 business days for order to ship, unless otherwise noted on ordering page.   … [Read More...]


Marriage, Rings, and Other Things

I think it's nearly impossible for anyone in my house to surprise me, but my hubby, Merlon Devine, managed to do it effortlessly. After we ate dinner on my birthday (July 1), we reluctantly (so I … [Read More...]


Organize My Closet

Maybe it was the unusual amount of free time I had on my hands. Maybe I just finally got fed up with the mess on top of my dresser. Maybe I no longer wanted to call out a search and rescue team to … [Read More...]


Think Pink!

I recently celebrated my birthday on July 1. For once in my life, I didn't plan anything. My husband hinted he wanted us to go to dinner, so that was the only excuse I needed to find something cute to … [Read More...]


Fast & Fab Chicken Bowl

  It should be no surprise that I enjoy cooking fast and fabulous meals. I wrote a book about it, for goodness sake! I figure the quicker I can create a meal, the better. This meal is … [Read More...]

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The Prom Mom

If you read my blog called “Confessions of a  No Prom Mom” around this time last year, you know I was slightly lamenting over my oldest daughter’s decision to not attend her senior prom. I … [Read More...]