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Panko Breaded Swai

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Order New Cookbook Here

  Need to get in and out of the kitchen FAST? Tired of eating the same meals over and over again? ¬†Want to cook healthier meals for your family? Order Fast and Fabulous Family Meals now. It … [Read More...]


NOTE: SESSION 1 IS SOLD OUT, BUT SESSION 2 IS OPEN. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR SESSION 2.  As you may remember, I hosted my first out-of-town Devine Cooking Party in Little Rock, Arkansas last … [Read More...]


Marriage, Rings, and Other Things

I think it's nearly impossible for anyone in my house to surprise me, but my hubby, Merlon Devine, managed to do it effortlessly. After we ate dinner on my birthday (July 1), we reluctantly (so I … [Read More...]


Organize My Closet

Maybe it was the unusual amount of free time I had on my hands. Maybe I just finally got fed up with the mess on top of my dresser. Maybe I no longer wanted to call out a search and rescue team to … [Read More...]


A Boy. A Dream. A Goal.

Our son expressed a desire to get a new basketball goal and asphalt court in the backyard this summer, so we challenged him to get involved in raising the money through donations and other efforts. We … [Read More...]


Think Pink!

I recently celebrated my birthday on July 1. For once in my life, I didn't plan anything. My husband hinted he wanted us to go to dinner, so that was the only excuse I needed to find something cute to … [Read More...]


Fast & Fab Chicken Bowl

  It should be no surprise that I enjoy cooking fast and fabulous meals. I wrote a book about it, for goodness sake! I figure the quicker I can create a meal, the better. This meal is … [Read More...]