About SuperMom Decoded

The Website

Consider this your official hub for DOMESTIC INSPIRATION. I want you to feel loved, encouraged and INSPIRED here. My blogs and videos encompass everything I LOVE – cooking, decorating, and becoming a better wife and parent. I created this blog website to INSPIRE others become their best in those same areas according to the Bible scripture, Titus 2:4-5. Let’s take this journey together and enjoy a GoOD life. WELOME HOME!

What is SuperMom Decoded?

I am a former stressed out, perfection pursuing, supermom wannabe that was not enjoying life the way I should have been enjoying it. Through the wisdom of God (who sounded a lot like my husband at times), and some hard experiences, I finally gave up pursuing those unrealistic expectations that kept me down. I have learned how to put ME on my to-do-list, how not to lose my own identity in the motherhood process, and how to get rid of the GUILT that often haunts most moms. On the other side of all those lessons, I found joy in being a mom, grace from God for my imperfections, and well-balanced respectful kids that needed to see a mom with BOUNDARIES, even as it related to serving them. I also discovered a happier husband because he had a happy wife. I could not keep all these lessons to myself, so I founded SuperMom Decoded. I observed other moms to find I was not the only one dealing with these issues. I just believe after we have overcome in an area, we should help others come over, too. I created this blog to do just that. Don’t get confused by the name SuperMom Decoded. This is in no way teaching women how to become a SuperMom. Enough of that already! It is more about DECODING the SuperMom. My favorite definition of decode is this–to convert from a scrambled electronic signal into an interpretable one. You get that? It means that there is this scrambled image of a supermom out there that many women are trying to obtain at the risk of being stressed out and unhappy. That is not the correct image. I am not here to CREATE a SuperMom, I am here to REDEFINE her. And guess what? She is not perfect, but she is still a GREAT mom!