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Looking for something fun and different to do with your group of friends, church group, couples, or bridal party? Book your private cooking party today. Demo style and hands on cooking parties are available. E-mail today with questions or for more information at

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This delicious Shrimp & Grits recipe is just one of the meals you will learn to cook in my cookbook!




Cooking Party Recap

My latest cooking lesson party was a success! Lots of fun, laughter, and of course, plenty of cooking. I instructed the ladies on how to cook chicken fried rice, french toast, and more. Our beautiful spinach and fruit salads with homemade salad dressing were a big hit. Save the date for my next cooking party demo and cookbook signing on Friday, August 16, 2013 in La Plata, MD. Details coming soon. Good bless you!



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Easy Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Strawberry ice cream is one my daughter’s favorite flavor of ice cream. When I discovered a recipe that did not require a ice cream machine, I was determined to try it. I tweaked an ice cream recipe I found on the back of the can of sweetened condensed milk and made my own flavor.  I topped the finished ice cream scoops with caramel and garnished it with a fresh strawberry. It a delicious treat.

strawberry ice cream


Follow this easy recipe and watch the how-to instructional video below.

Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe


2 cups heavy whipping cream

1 can sweetened condensed milk

2 cups of strawberries, diced into small chunks


In a large mixing bowl, whisk heavy cream with an electric mixer until stiff peaks are formed.

In a separate bowl, blend sweetened condensed milk and strawberries until mixed well.

Fold strawberry and condensed milk blend into whipped cream evenly.

Transfer contents into a 2 quart bowl with a lid.

Cover and freeze for 8 or more hours.

Scoop and enjoy!

Watch this quick instructional video.


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Supermomdecoded tip: The best way to learn new recipes is to try new recipes. Leave a comment below to let me know if you plan to try this. Be sure to follow up to let me know how it turned out.

Cooking Party Again?

Who would have thought that I would keep hosting these things called “cooking parties”? I surely did not know what would become of them when God gave me the idea to create and host one. Well, one led to another one, and here I am about to host my fourth weekend of cooking parties. The results drive me to continue to host them, despite the intense effort that goes into it. These classes have given women from various backgrounds the spark they needed to get creative in the kitchen again. To my surprise, the ladies that have attended were not just stay at home moms. Some of the ladies that attended were empty-nesters looking to cook better quality meals for themselves, newlyweds looking to wow their spouse in the kitchen, engaged ladies planning to start this cooking thing off right and single women that just want to invest in improving their cooking skills.  Check out this quick recap video of the last cooking party I hosted. As always, the results were amazing!

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Shrimp & Grits cooked and plated by attendees.

Shrimp & Grits cooked and plated by attendees.

I am already so excited about the upcoming cooking party weekend happening April 5 and 6, 2013 (registration closed). We will be cooking up Southwest Grilled Chicken, Cilantro Lime Rice, Black Beans and more.

Southwest Grilled Chicken

Southwest Grilled Chicken

If you are in the DC/MD/VA area, and interested in attending, contact me at I love helping others to win in the kitchen!




Supermom Decoded Tip- Do not be defeated in the kitchen. Get the help you need to wow your family with quality meals. They deserve your very best!


Devine Cooking Class Party

If you follow me on Instagram (devinecooking) or Facebook, you already know that I enjoy cooking fabulous meals for my family. The barrage of Facebook dinner pictures I post begin to garner a lot of attention. Requests for recipes and tips led me to seek out ways to help others duplicate the same cooking success I was experiencing. That resulted in me writing a cookbook (to be released by spring 2013), blogging some recipes on this website, and hosting a series of COOKING PARTIES! This cooking party was a new God given concept for me, so I immediately asked some people if they would be interested in attending. The response was overwhelming! I opened my home up to no more than 5 ladies per class, and offered a couple of hands on, small group cooking lessons over a weekend. I kicked off the class with a food game and a couple of gift giveaways to keep the mood festive. The results were nothing short of amazing. Not only did these ladies skillfully execute the healthy meals I taught them to cook, many expressed a new kitchen confidence and creativity. What a blessing to have spouses and children come up and thank me for helping their mom step up her cooking game! In addition to comments from their families, I also received Facebook photo tags, texts, and e-mails from the ladies that attended showing off their kitchen skills. I LOVE it!

In December, I held a Christmas themed cooking party for FREE. The results were amazing once again. My upcoming cooking class sold out 3 weeks in advance, even after I increased the group size. An additional date option for that weekend is being added right away.

I get so excited about women that want to learn and grow, especially in those domestic areas of their lives! Take a look at this brief recap video of the first two cooking parties.

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Also, look at this recap video of the Christmas themed cooking party.

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Finally, take a look at the photographed moments from those events. We had so much FUN!




Supermom Tip – Don’t wait to start helping others. Use what you have in your hand and begin NOW! Duplicate your skill set into the lives of others. It is so rewarding!






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