Think Pink!


I recently celebrated my birthday on July 1. For once in my life, I didn’t plan anything. My husband hinted he wanted us to go to dinner, so that was the only excuse I needed to find something cute to wear at the very last minute! I wanted to wear a pink dress. I knew that much already. I remembered a social media post from a nearby boutique, Breezyz, where she posted a pink dress I admired.

This pic perfectly shows the true colors of the dress. It's pink and purple.

This pic perfectly shows the true colors of the dress. It’s pink and purple. 

I loved it so much, I took a screen shot of it and kept it on my phone. I debated for a few days wether or not to buy it, if I could wear it, and on and on and on. Finally, on the day of my birthday, I called Breezyz to see if the dress was still in stock. It was, so my daughters and I stopped by there and I tried it on. The love was instant! After running around town to find the perfect pair of shoes (which I never found), I opted to wear the pink BCBG pumps I already owned. They were a spontaneous buy years ago from TJ Maxx or DSW…I think.


I was pleased with the outcome. Check out Breezyz online or make a visit to the store in Waldorf, Maryland!


 Another last minute decision was to buy the balloons. My daughters talked me into buying them after hearing me share this photo idea that inspired me. A friend of mine took a pic with a balloon bouquet on her birthday. It was so CUTE! So I bought the balloons. All my last minute ideas panned out really well! I was reminded to stop second guessing myself and go after what I really want. It just may…no, it will work out beautifully!


Happy Birthday to meeeee!