Running On E?

EThis month has to be one of the busiest months of my life. I am planning my biggest cooking party to date, I am hosting another private function, I am planning my oldest daughter and friend’s graduation cookout, I am helping my daughter wrap up college plans, I am traveling out of state with my husband, taxiing my son to basketball practices and games for the two basketball teams he is on, attending music related functions for my youngest daughter, putting the finishing touches on my cookbook as well as another special project cookbook, hosting out of town guests at our home, and giving some private cooking lessons. Yes, that is all happening this month. I have already completed an out-of-state weekend basketball trip with my son, coordinated and attended a make up session and a senior photo shoot for my oldest daughter, supported family members at a music concert, just to name a few. All of that, and we are just eight days into this month of May. Did I mention that I am a couponer, avid home cook, and the one that handles bill paying and grocery shopping for my family of five? Whew! That just made me tired all over again.

If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know I am against moms being excessively busy. After all, the name of this blog is Supermom Decoded, where I give tips as to how moms can enjoy this motherhood journey, which often times means saying “NO” to doing some things. Soooo, how did I get here? Hmmm…I’m not really sure (or maybe I am). I just know that right now, I am doing NOTHING for a couple of hours (besides typing this blog). In the background, I have pure worship music playing (music that is just exalting God, not me). My “to do” list is screaming at me. I can hear time ticking away as I fight away the anxious thoughts of missing a deadline, causing one of my beloved projects or events to possibly not turn out as perfect as I imagined if I don’t act NOW.

Here’s what I know for sure: If I am on E, empty that is, none of these events are going to turn out well anyway. I would show up fragmented, smiling outwardly but empty inwardly and depositing into others when my own spiritual account is in the negative. That would only last for so long. Just like a car, I would eventually run out of gas and just give out. Our cars alert us when the gas tank is low, but what alerts us humans as we fly through the busyness of this life? I honestly believe The Lord always prompts us gently, telling us when we need to slow down some, when to lay aside our busy agendas and just sit still, hear His voice, focus on His word even the more. Although it seems like we are the glue to so many other people’s world, and in many ways we are, the world really will keep moving on if we pull aside for a little bit and refill. I cannot think of too many things that will work long-term without recharging, refilling, changing out the batteries, or being plugged in to a constant stream of power. We are not any different.

So, I am just writing this blog to remind me and you not to get caught up in busyness and giving out to others to the detriment of your own spiritual, mental, or physical health. Listen and know when to bring it in some, and just be still, refill in His presence. Don’t live life on E.

supermomdecodedlogo13aHelpful scriptures: I Chronicles 16:27 AMP; Exodus 33:14; Psalm 16:11; Psalm 97:5


Super Mom Decoded Tip: Though few will admit it, we all can get out of balance sometimes. The earlier you recognize you are headed towards E, the quicker you can correct it. You can’t continuously give out what you don’t constantly put in. 








***This post has not been edited yet. It’s just straight from my heart to the keyboard.***



  1. Shana Nelson says:

    Love this!!!!! It’s confirmation to what Holy Spirit has been speaking to me!!!

  2. Great article! I’m not even a mother and I sometimes feel overwhelmed with school, work, ministry, and my own business. Asking God for peace and the Joy of The Lord REALLY helps me.


  3. Thank you so much. I bless God for your example! This is truly confirmation and I’m looking forward to implementing strategies to make sure that I have enough to take in and pour out.
    Your story and this site has stoked my fire as I walk in my calling!

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