Quit Stressing, Start Blogging

I will admit, it was never my idea to start this blog. I was influenced by a fellow blogging friend, and I am glad I was! Once the blogging bug hit me, I LOVED it. I got my ideas on paper and eventually started my blog. I loved it (wait, did I say that already). I have always enjoyed putting my thoughts in writing. The response from my friends and family was great as well. Then I started getting busy. I started doing more lengthy Facebook posts instead of blogs. It started seeing blogging as work, and I was not looking for any more work. I have plenty to do already. Then I got re-inspired (is that a word?) by other bloggers. So, I am committing to rescuing my blog from the graveyard and tending to it way more often. After all, this is my home, my heart, my thoughts, my ideas, my inspirations. I’m not stressing over the typos or grammatical errors so much (but if you see some, email me and let me know, okkkkk???photo 2). I’m just going to blog, stress free. Happy blogging to me. Happy reading to you!


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