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Maybe it was the unusual amount of free time I had on my hands. Maybe I just finally got fed up with the mess on top of my dresser. Maybe I no longer wanted to call out a search and rescue team to find the mate to the earring set I wanted to wear. Honestly, I am not sure exactly what hit me, but something did. It was time, well it was really way past time.

I went to one of my inspiration places, Pintrest, and searched for some creative ways to organize my jewelry. I found a blog called Merricks Art that was perfect for my situation. The blogger had a dresser in her closet, just as I do. She also had a similar amount of jewelry, and her necklaces were hanging above the dresser, just as mine are. Her solutions to my jewelry mess were quick and easy. I immediately jumped in my car and headed to my favorite store in the entire world, Homegoods. With a head full of inspiration and  just a little bit of cash, I found what I needed.

I loved the blogger’s use of plates and bowls to organize her items. I am certainly familiar with the dishware section of Homegoods, so I headed there first. I found a two-tier serving platter for $15. The shape and size was perfect for my dresser top, so into my basket it went. Using a serving platter in my closet was a divine idea!


Next, I headed to the closet organization section of the store. I found a clear drawer organizer tray for $20. Although I was not interested in putting it in my drawer (I like my jewelry on display), I knew the size would be perfect for my dresser surface. I also like that it was clear. I didn’t want a heavy fabric covered organizer. I really wanted to lighten things up a bit, and the clear organizer was ideal!


I always wanted a place to sit in my closet, so I could not pass up this storage ottoman. I instantly knew its size and height would work in my space. It was $40, so I grabbed it. I know it was not on my list of items I needed for jewelry organization, but I know how Homegoods can be. If you see an item you like, you better grab it right then. By their own admission, they are “never the same store twice.”


Finally, I needed some girly items. I spotted a linen scented candle in a gray and white animal print jar for $8. It was so fragrant! I thought that would be advantageous since my workout clothes can be fairly smelly in my closet (I know, ughhhh, right?) More than likely, I won’t be lighting a candle in my closet, but I am a candle fanatic, so I purchased it anyway. I will use it somewhere in my home eventually. I also wanted a photo frame. I found one with just the right amount of bling and femininity that suited my taste. I purchased it for around $8 as well. I didn’t want the frame to house a photo, but I wanted it to house an inspirational saying or scripture that I needed to be reminded of daily. I have found the closet, bathroom mirror, and the refrigerator serve as great places to put daily reminders. I chose Philippians 4:6, “Be anxious for nothing.” It reminds me to stay calm, settled, and patient as I await the answers to my prayers.




The former owners of our home left a wire tie rack installed above the spot where our dresser is housed. I use it to hold some of my necklaces (the others were in that mess on top of my dresser). The inspiration blogger used a jewelry pin board, but my tie rack served the same purpose so I didn’t make any changes there. I just straightened up the rack quite a bit.


A friend of mine gave me a much needed ring and jewelry holder a few days ago that I used. Then, a bowl I already owned (purchased from Homegoods, of course) served as a holder for all those little replacement buttons that come along with some of the clothing items I purchase. Does anyone ever get around to using those? I sure don’t, but I keep them on hand just in case I guess…


I got rid of old jewelry and mismatched pieces, then I organized everything that was left. I was very pleased with the final outcome. The process was fast and fabulous! That’s just the way I like it! I hope to conquer the rest of my closet soon. I will blog about it when I do.

I hope this blog inspires you to get organized. Remember to think creatively! You can use items for multiple purposes. Make your space beautiful with just a little cash and a lot of creativity!

I always love to hear from you. Comment to share your thoughts and creative closet organization ideas!



  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! My closet and I are headed for a showdown real soon!

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  3. kim sturdivant says:

    Definitely inspired to get organized and declutter..don’t have much jewelry but I do have other things to organize..going to try gone goods,I have nevet been there before and will update you on outcome.

  4. Love your organizing tips and will definitely use them. I have lots of accessories (jewelry, scarfs, belts, etc.), would love to wear and always considering but this stuff is always hid or tucked away in closets, jewelry boxes, etc. Because of this I only wear a few selected choices. Thanks for sharing your tips!

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