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Need to get in and out of the kitchen FAST? Tired of eating the same meals over and over again?  Want to cook healthier meals for your family? Order Fast and Fabulous Family Meals now. It contains over 60 fast and fabulous recipes, photos, easy to follow directions, meal ideas and more! Listen to what others are saying about this cookbook:

“I got home at 5:15 and headed out to a 5:30 violin lesson and 6pm football practice…I picked up my mail as I backed out of the driveway..on the way I got an overwhelming sense of dread thinking about cooking dinner…as I thumbed through my mail I came across my BLESSING in the form of Fast and Fabulous meals…the best part is for several of the recipes I already have ingredients on hand!!! Cooking is a CHORE that I don’t enjoy but I am so looking forward to cooking each and every Fast and Fabulous recipe!!! “- Meisha Finney Hall

“My 3-year old requested chicken, rice and broccoli for dinner when I picked her up today. Lo and behold, your cookbook was in the mailbox when we got home. The Italian Chicken made for a quick and tasty meal, along with our broccoli and rice! I absolutely love your cookbook and look forward to using it often!!!”- Shevonya Noble


This delicious Shrimp & Grits recipe is just one of the meals you will learn to cook in my cookbook!





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