Marriage- The Trip Of A Lifetime

I recently spent all day on various airplanes flying from Washington, DC to Cleveland, OH, to Detroit, MI, and then back to Washington, DC. Why? Well my husband discovered that I was just a few trips shy of reaching my next air miles status level (which has to be reached before this year ends). Since he has already been on this particular air mile status level for a while, we receive a lot of flying benefits just on his status alone. But he realized that if we are both individually on the same premier air miles status, together our benefits would increase tremendously.

My husband Merlon and I In ATL airport

My husband Merlon and I In ATL airport

We can travel easier, get a much better chance of 1st class upgrades on every trip, and much more. I admit, I was NOT really up for a  solo trip “around the world” yesterday, but I do understand this– Being on the same level as the person you are traveling this life’s journey with makes the trip so much more beneficial. You can get to your destination easier, advance quicker, and benefit from God’s blessings so much more. No wonder that Bible teaches us about not being unequally yoked and the importance of unity and agreement. Be mindful of who you choose to travel life’s journey with. It makes all the difference in the world!Delta plane



  1. You’re so right. Being “Equally Yoked” is sooo important. I once heard Pastor Donald Bell mention that being equally yoked is like how they used to put 2 oxen together and when they worked together, they got so much accomplished, but when they would keep trying to go in different directions, etc. nothing would get done. Good example cause I could picture what he meant. I hope that more people will take the time to let that knowing emerge in their relationship, and not be in such a hurry to just get married. If it’s right, it will keep.
    I stumbled onto your site today and really like it. It’s got a great, fresh, happy look, good content, and very well put together. I’ll definitely be back. I definitely look forward to more husband and wife stuff and the ideas with the kids. God Bless!

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