10 Mother & Daughter Bonding Ideas Under $10

Looking for some great ways to strengthen the bond with your daughter? Face to face interaction with your child is one of the best ways to bond with them and to create lasting memories. Studies show that the time you spend with your kid makes a much more lasting impression then what you buy for them. So, regardless of your level of income moms, here are 10 ideas under $10 that you can do with your daughters. HAPPY BONDING!

  1. Bake Something NEW–  Open a cookbook, magazine, or go online and select a new dessert recipe and go for it! Be sure to select something with inexpensive ingredients. Even if your new dessert does not turn out perfect, the time you spend trying will be worth it!
  2. Manicure & Pedicure– Gather all your manicure and pedicure tools and have a party! Play music softly in the background and talk while polishing each others nails. Take small risks by choosing a nail polish color against your norm. Try creating designs to add even more fun to it. Nail polish remover can easily get rid of anything you don’t want to showcase in public.
  3. Pajamas – Buy matching pajamas sets and designate a certain day of the week or special holiday to wear them. Take pics for your scrapbook or to share with relatives and friends.
  4. Fashion Show– Go right into your closets and create new looks for each other out of clothes you already have. Start the music and walk the “runway” in your home. Don’t be too serious when creating the looks. The more absurd, the bigger the laughs!
  5. Talent Show– Discover your inner poet, musician, or singer by hosting a talent show in your home. Forget over rehearsing, make it spontaneous!
  6. Movie/TV Night– Camp out on the sofa and watch a chick flick or a Lifetime movie marathon. Be sure to let your daughter choose something she likes. Even if it’s not your favorite thing to watch, it will mean so much to her to have your undivided participation.
  7. Book Club– Pick a great novel from the library to read together.
  8. Vision Boards– Grab some old magazines, poster boards, glue sticks, and scissors and create a vision board. What a great way to find out what your daughter dreams about doing someday!
  9. Talk Time– Go to your daughter’s room and just chill out. Turn off the cell phones and TV. Just be in their presence and the conversation will begin to flow. You might be surprised how much she’ll open up and share with you.
  10. Outdoor Fun– Be a kid again mom. Get on your bike or roller blades and go take your daughter for a spin around the neighborhood. Play outdoor sports, go for a walk, or swimming together if possible.

I have done ALL of these ideas and more with my girls and they loved it! Do you plan to try any of these ideas? Do you have some other fun inexpensive ideas to add to the list?

Supermom Tip: Remember to make the time to bond with your daughter. It does not take a big financial investment, only an investment of your time. The payoff is SUPER!



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    Love this!! I have ideas for NOW and when my daughter gets older. Thanks for the tips!!!

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